Departments of Haiti

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GEC Update 17, dated 2014-09-30, adds the names of the provinces in Haitian Creole.

Haiti observed daylight saving time off and on, starting in 1983. As of 2012, it's on again. Now it's off for 2016.

Nippes department was created in 2003. It was given its codes in FIPS 10-4 Change Notice 11, dated 2006-07-11, and the second edition of ISO 3166-2, dated 2007-12-15.

Country overview: 

Short nameHAITI
ISO codeHT
LanguageFrench (fr)
Time zone-5


Haiti has been an independent country for the whole of the 20th century, in theory. In actuality, it was under the control of U.S. marines from 1915 to 1934.

Other names of country: 

  1. Danish: Haiti
  2. Dutch: Haïti, Republiek Haïti (formal)
  3. English: Republic of Haiti (formal), Hayti (obsolete)
  4. Finnish: Haiti
  5. French: Haïti, République f d'Haïti m (formal)
  6. German: Haïti, Haiti n
  7. Icelandic: Haítí
  8. Italian: Haiti f
  9. Norwegian: Haiti, Republikken Haiti (formal)
  10. Portuguese: Haiti, República f do Haiti m (formal)
  11. Russian: Республика Гаити (formal)
  12. Spanish: Haití, República f de Haití (formal)
  13. Swedish: Haiti
  14. Turkish: Haiti, Haiti Cumhuriyeti (formal)

Origin of name: 

Carib, either haiti: mountainous land, or jhaiti: nest

Primary subdivisions: 

Haiti is divided into ten départements (departments).

CentreHT.CECEHA075565,043361,4703,4871,346HincheL'Artibonite, Ouest, Nord
Grand' AnseHT.GRGAHA147337,516489,9571,912738JérémieSud
SudHT.SDSDHA128627,311502,6242,6531,024Les CayesSud
10 departments7,929,0485,053,79227,07510,454
  • HASC: Hierarchical administrative subdivision codes.
  • ISO: Department codes from ISO standard 3166-2.
  • FIPS: Codes from FIPS PUB 10-4, a U.S. government standard.
  • Pc: First digit of postal code.
  • Pop-2003: 2003-08-07 census (provisional)
  • Pop-1982: 1982-08-30 census
  • Formerly: Pre-1962 department(s) corresponding to each present-day department

Postal codes: 

Haiti uses four-digit postal codes, always prefixed with "HT". The first digit represents the department; the first two, the arrondissement; the first three, the commune.

Further subdivisions:

See the Arrondissements of Haiti page.

The departments are subdivided into arrondissements, which are further subdivided into communes, which in turn are divided into sections communales (communal sections).

Territorial extent: 

  1. Grand' Anse includes Île Grande Cayemite.
  2. Nord-Ouest includes Île de la Tortue (Tortuga Island).
  3. Ouest includes Île de la Gonâve.
  4. Sud includes Île à Vache.

The UN LOCODE page  for Haiti lists locations in the country, some of them with their latitudes and longitudes, some with their ISO 3166-2 codes for their subdivisions. This information can be put together to approximate the territorial extent of subdivisions.

Origins of names: 

  1. L'Artibonite: for the Artibonite River
  2. Grand' Anse: = big cove

Change history: 

1962: Haiti reorganized from five departments to nine. Apparently this reorganization was passed into law in 1962, but not implemented until around 1980. Here are data for the old departments:

SudHA05739,602976,4096,200Les Cayes
5 departments3,097,2204,329,99127,750
  • Pop-1950: 1950-08-07 census
  • Pop-1971: 1971-08-31 census


2003-09-04: Nippes department split from Grand' Anse (former FIPS code HA08, HASC code HT.GA). It consists of the arrondissements of Miragoâne and l'Anse-à-Veau, and the new arrondissement of Baradères.

Other names of subdivisions: 

  1. Centre: Département du Plateau Central (formal)
  2. Grand' Anse: Grande Anse (variant)
  3. L'Artibonite: Artibonite (variant)


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