Parishes of Macau

Macau is divided int two distritos (districts), which are subdivided into seven freguesias (parishes). In addition, the census returns show a maritime area which apparently represents people living in houseboats. The "Co-Tai reclamation zone" refers to landfill in the area of Coloane and Taipa islands.

Nossa Senhora de FátimaMO.MA.NF180,4993.0
Santo AntónioMO.MA.SA104,2171.1
São LázaroMO.MA.SZ26,914.6
São LourençoMO.MA.SC42,841.9
  • HASC: Hierarchical administrative subdivision codes.
    The middle two letters identify the district. For key,
    see "Administrative Subdivisions of Countries".
  • Population: 2001-08-23 census.
  • Area: excludes Co-Tai reclamation zone.
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