Districts of Gambia

I've added the populations from the 1993 and 2003 censuses. I also dropped Dappo district, because I can't find much evidence that it exists. It may have been absorbed into another district. Banjul may be divided into the districts of Banjul Central, Banjul North, and Banjul South, but most sources show it as just one district.

Gambia is divided into a city and five divisions. Alternatively, it is divided into eight local government areas (LGAs), where each LGA is either a division or a part of one. The LGAs, and hence the divisions, are further subdivided into districts. These maps show the boundaries of the districts: Map  Map . There are some minor discrepancies among various lists of districts. The following list is one way to break up the area of Gambia.

Central BaddibuGM.NB.CBN14,99815,060
Foni Bintang-KarenaiGM.WE.FOA15,99411,397
Foni BondaliGM.WE.FBA6,0494,594
Foni BrefetGM.WE.FFA11,4118,529
Foni JarrolGM.WE.FJA5,9435,355
Foni KansalaGM.WE.FKA12,2477,748
Fulladu EastGM.UR.FEE98,45484,327
Fulladu WestGM.MC.FWH71,66957,995
Jarra CentralGM.LR.JCO6,4946,084
Jarra EastGM.LR.JEO12,50511,272
Jarra WestGM.LR.JWO24,41620,673
Kiang CentralGM.LR.KIO7,8867,282
Kiang EastGM.LR.KGO6,5346,356
Kiang WestGM.LR.KWO14,71113,479
Kombo CentralGM.WE.KCA84,31556,094
Kombo EastGM.WE.KEA28,14621,028
Kombo North/Saint MaryGM.WE.KNA166,35180,478
Kombo SouthGM.WE.KSA62,53139,694
Lower BaddibuGM.NB.LBN15,15714,391
Lower NiumiGM.NB.LNN44,49135,147
Lower SaloumGM.MC.LSR13,52414,179
Niamina DankunkuGM.MC.NDH6,0006,089
Niamina EastGM.MC.NEH19,03415,402
Niamina WestGM.MC.NWH6,6305,948
Upper BaddibuGM.NB.UBN55,37055,438
Upper NiumiGM.NB.UNN24,94021,552
Upper SaloumGM.MC.USR15,97012,552
37 districts1,364,5071,038,145
  • District: Banjul is a city council, and Kanifing is a
    municipal council.
  • HASC: Hierarchical administrative subdivision codes.
    The middle two letters identify the division. For key,
    see the Divisions of Gambia page.
  • LGA: Local Government Area containing the district.
    For key, see Divisions of Gambia.
  • Pop-2003: 2003-04-15 census (provisional).
  • Pop-1993: 1993-04-15 census.

Other names of subdivisions:

Foni Bintang-Karenai: Foni Bintang Karanai (variant)
Janjanbureh: Georgetown, MacCarthy Island (obsolete); Janjangburreh (variant)
Kanifing: K.M.C., K.U.D.C. (variant)
Kombo North/Saint Mary: Kombo, Kombo North, Kombo Saint Mary (variant); Kombo Sainte Marie (French)
Niumi: Nuimi (variant)

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