Island Councils of Tuvalu

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Update 12 to Geopolitical Entities and Codes (formerly FIPS 10-4) is dated 2013-06-30. It assigns codes to the island councils.

ISO 3166-2 has come out in a second edition, dated 2007-12-15. Unexpectedly, the code for Nui council was changed from NIU to NUI.

ISO 3166-2 Newsletter I-8, published on 2007-04-17, has new ISO council codes for Tuvalu. They are shown in the table below. They are the same as the codes from an early draft version, ISO/DIS 2166-2, which had not been supported.

Country overview: 

Short nameTUVALU
ISO codeTV
LanguageTuvalu,English (en)
Time zone+12


The Gilbert and Ellice Islands were a British protectorate at the beginning of the 20th century. The colony of Gilbert and Ellice Islands was formed on 1915-11-12, by annexing some additional island possessions to the protectorate. The Ellice Islands separated on 1975-10-01, taking the name Tuvalu. The country became fully independent exactly three years later.

Other names of country: 

  1. Danish: Tuvalu
  2. Dutch: Tuvalu
  3. English: Ellice Islands (obsolete)
  4. Finnish: Tuvalu
  5. French: Tuvalu m
  6. German: Tuvalu n
  7. Icelandic: Túvalú
  8. Italian: Tuvalu
  9. Norwegian: Tuvalu
  10. Portuguese: Tuvalu
  11. Russian: Тувалу
  12. Spanish: Tuvalu
  13. Swedish: Tuvalu
  14. Turkish: Tuvalu

Origin of name: 

"Tuvalu" is said to be Tuvaluan for "eight islands" or "cluster of eight". (In fact, there are nine inhabited islands.)

Primary subdivisions: 

Tuvalu is divided into seven island councils and a town council.

8 councils9,56125.69.9
  • Council: These divisions are island councils, except
    for Funafuti, which is a town council.
  • HASC: Hierarchical administrative subdivision codes.
  • ISO: Codes from ISO 3166-2.
  • FIPS: Codes from FIPS PUB 10-4.
  • Population: 2002-11-01 census.

Territorial extent: 

Niutao includes the island of Niulakita (Nurakita).


  1. [1] "Other Statistics". Central Statistics Division (, dead link, retrieved 2005-04-06). This page had 2002 census data, with Niulakita separate from Niutao. I combined the two islands.
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