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I added 2010 census figures last month, but it turns out that my source was based on 2000 data. (There was no date given within the pdf file. It was a link from a page on the National Statistical Office site, and the text on that page led me to believe it was for 2010.) Now I've revised the data using another source. The census was taken before Bueng Kan was formed, so these sources still consider it part of Nong Khai. I got the population of Bueng Kan from yet another source. Thanks to Andreas Hörstemeier, who keeps track of Thailand's administrative divisions on his blog , for help with this.

Update 6 to "Geopolitical Entities and Codes" is dated 2011-11-30. For Thailand, it assigns a FIPS code to Bueng Kan province. There is also an ISO 3166-2 code, but not announced by newsletter: ISO has started announcing code changes on its Online Browsing Platform.

Update 13 to Geopolitical Entities and Codes (formerly FIPS 10-4) is dated 2013-09-30. All it does in Thailand is fix one misspelling.

Update 10 to Geopolitical Entities and Codes (formerly FIPS 10-4) is dated 2012-12-31. It changes the name used for the Bangkok region, dropping the word "Mahanakhon," which is what distinguishes the long form (formal) name from the short form.

Bueng Kan province was split from Nong Khai province on 2011-03-23. Its creation was approved by the Ministry of the Interior on 2010-05-06, and by the cabinet on 2010-08-03. Bueng Kan comprises the districts of Bueng Kan, Bueng Khong Long, Bung Khla, Pak Khat, Phon Charoen, Seka, Si Wilai, and So Phisai, which had a total population of 385,053 in the 2000 census, and a total area of 4,305 km.².

International standard ISO 3166-2 was published on December 15, 1998. It superseded ISO/DIS 3166-2 (draft international standard). For Thailand, the draft standard showed 72 provinces and one municipality, each with a two-digit code. The final standard shows 75 provinces, one metropolitan administration (same as the municipality), and one special administrative city, named Phatthaya. They still have two-digit codes, with one exception (Phatthaya's code is S), but the codes are almost all changed. The new codes are shown in the table below.

The three new provinces listed in the final standard were created in 1993. Phatthaya is not listed by the National Statistical Office in the tables of census results by provinces. It is included in Chon Buri province.

Country overview: 

Short nameTHAILAND
ISO codeTH
LanguageThai (th)
Time zone+7


At the beginning of the 20th century, Siam was an independent country, but the British and French had "spheres of influence": the British in the west and south, the French in the east. Part of the French sphere was transferred to French Indo-China in 1907. In 1909, part of the British sphere became unfederated states of Malaya. On 1939-06-24 Siam proclaimed that its English name was to be Thailand. During World War II, Thailand annexed some of the territory back from Indo-China, but was forced to return it at the end of the war.

Other names of country: 

  1. Danish: Thailand, Siam (obsolete)
  2. Dutch: Thailand, Koninkrijk Thailand (formal)
  3. English: Kingdom of Thailand (formal), Siam (obsolete)
  4. Finnish: Thaimaa
  5. French: Thaïlande f
  6. German: Thailand n
  7. Icelandic: Taíland
  8. Italian: Thailandia f, Tailandia
  9. Norwegian: Thailand, Kongeriket Thailand (formal)
  10. Portuguese: Tailândia, Reino m da Tailândia f (formal), Sião m (obsolete)
  11. Russian: Королевство Таиланд (formal)
  12. Spanish: Tailandia, Reino m de Tailandia f (formal)
  13. Swedish: Thailand
  14. Turkish: Tayland Krallığı (formal)
  15. Thai: Muang Thai (formal), Prathes Thai (formal)

Origin of name: 

Land of the Thais (an ethnic name meaning free people)

Primary subdivisions: 

Thailand is divided into 76 changwat (provinces) and one maha nakhon (municipality).

Amnat Charoen TH.AC37TH77NE283,732 3,1611,221
Ang Thong TH.AT15TH35C 254,292 968374
Bangkok Metropolis TH.BM10TH40C 8,305,218 1,569606
Bueng Kan TH.BK38TH81NE362,754 4,3051,662
Buri Ram TH.BR31TH28NE1,274,921 10,3233,986
Chachoengsao TH.CC24TH44C 715,603 5,3512,066
Chai Nat TH.CN18TH32C 305,587 2,470954
Chaiyaphum TH.CY36TH26NE963,907 12,7784,934
Chanthaburi TH.CT22TH48E 485,611 6,3382,447
Chiang Mai TH.CM50TH02N 1,737,041 20,1077,763
Chiang Rai TH.CR57TH03N 1,172,928 11,6784,509
Chon Buri TH.CB20TH46E 1,555,358 4,3631,685
Chumphon TH.CP86TH58S 467,801 6,0092,320
Kalasin TH.KL46TH23NE824,538 6,9472,682
Kamphaeng Phet TH.KP62TH11N 797,391 8,6083,323
Kanchanaburi TH.KN71TH50C 801,519 19,4837,523
Khon Kaen TH.KK40TH22NE1,741,980 10,8864,203
Krabi TH.KR81TH63S 362,203 4,7091,818
Lampang TH.LG52TH06N 743,143 12,5344,839
Lamphun TH.LN51TH05N 412,741 4,5061,740
Loei TH.LE42TH18NE546,028 11,4254,411
Lop Buri TH.LB16TH34C 769,925 6,2002,394
Mae Hong Son TH.MH58TH01N 209,153 12,6814,896
Maha Sarakham TH.MS44TH24NE827,639 5,2922,043
Mukdahan TH.MD49TH78NE357,339 4,3401,676
Nakhon Nayok TH.NN26TH43C 246,868 2,122819
Nakhon Pathom TH.NP73TH53C 943,892 2,168837
Nakhon Phanom TH.NF48TH73NE583,726 5,5132,128
Nakhon Ratchasima TH.NR30TH27NE2,525,975 20,4947,913
Nakhon Sawan TH.NS60TH16N 992,749 9,5983,706
Nakhon Si Thammarat TH.NT80TH64S 1,450,466 9,9433,839
Nan TH.NA55TH04N 452,814 11,4724,429
Narathiwat TH.NW96TH31S 670,002 4,4751,728
Nong Bua Lam Phu TH.NB39TH79NE485,974 3,8591,490
Nong Khai TH.NH43TH17NE458,772 3,0271,169
Nonthaburi TH.NO12TH38C 1,334,083 622240
Pathum Thani TH.PT13TH39C 1,327,147 1,526589
Pattani TH.PI94TH69S 609,015 1,940749
Phangnga TH.PG82TH61S 258,535 4,1711,610
Phatthalung TH.PL93TH66S 480,976 3,4251,322
Phayao TH.PY56TH41N 417,380 6,3352,446
Phetchabun TH.PH67TH14N 940,076 12,6684,891
Phetchaburi TH.PE76TH56C 472,589 6,2252,404
Phichit TH.PC66TH13N 548,242 4,5311,749
Phitsanulok TH.PS65TH12N 912,827 10,8164,176
Phrae TH.PR54TH07N 427,398 6,5392,525
Phra Nakhon Si AyutthayaTH.PA14TH36C 870,671 2,557987
Phuket TH.PU83TH62S 525,709 543210
Prachin Buri TH.PB25TH74C 546,996 4,7621,839
Prachuap Khiri Khan TH.PK77TH57C 467,466 6,3682,459
Ranong TH.RN85TH59S 249,017 3,2981,273
Ratchaburi TH.RT70TH52C 796,748 5,1972,006
Rayong TH.RY21TH47E 821,072 3,5521,371
Roi Et TH.RE45TH25NE1,084,985 8,2993,204
Sa Kaeo TH.SK27TH80C 555,961 7,1952,778
Sakon Nakhon TH.SN47TH20NE941,810 9,6063,709
Samut Prakan TH.SP11TH42C 1,828,694 1,004388
Samut Sakhon TH.SS74TH55C 887,191 872337
Samut Songkhram TH.SM75TH54C 185,564 417161
Saraburi TH.SR19TH37C 717,054 3,5771,381
Satun TH.SA91TH67S 274,863 2,479957
Sing Buri TH.SB17TH33C 199,982 823318
Si Sa Ket TH.SI33TH30NE1,055,980 8,8403,413
Songkhla TH.SG90TH68S 1,481,021 7,3942,855
Sukhothai TH.SO64TH09N 629,707 6,5962,547
Suphan Buri TH.SH72TH51C 845,561 5,3582,069
Surat Thani TH.ST84TH60S 1,009,351 12,8924,977
Surin TH.SU32TH29NE1,122,900 8,1243,137
Tak TH.TK63TH08N 526,382 16,4076,335
Trang TH.TG92TH65S 598,877 4,9181,899
Trat TH.TT23TH49E 247,876 2,8191,088
Ubon Ratchathani TH.UR34TH75NE1,746,790 15,7456,079
Udon Thani TH.UN41TH76NE1,288,365 11,7304,529
Uthai Thani TH.UT61TH15N 297,493 6,7302,599
Uttaradit TH.UD53TH10N 438,578 7,8393,027
Yala TH.YL95TH70S 433,167 4,5211,746
Yasothon TH.YS35TH72NE487,976 4,1621,607
77 divisions 65,981,659513,120198,117
  • Province: except Bangkok Metropolis, which is a municipal administration.
  • HASC: Hierarchical administrative subdivision codes.
  • ISO: Codes from ISO 3166-2. For full identification in a global context, prefix "TH-" to the
    code (ex: TH-63 represents Tak).
  • FIPS: Codes from FIPS PUB 10-4.
  • Reg: Thailand has unofficial, but standardized, regions: Central (C), Eastern (E), Northern
    (N), Northeastern (NE), and Southern (S). Some sources make Eastern part of Central.
  • Population: 2010-09-01 census.
  • Capitals: Capitals have the same names as their provinces, except for Bangkok Metropolis
    (Bangkok). Sometimes the capital name is given with the generic prefix "Mueang".

Postal codes:

Thailand uses five-digit postal codes. The first two digits of the postal code are the same as the province ISO code, except for ISO codes 11-19. For those provinces, subtract 1 from the ISO code to get the first two digits of the postal code. Bangkok and Samut Prakan both have postal codes beginning with 10.

Further subdivisions:

See the Districts of Thailand page.

The provinces are divided into amphoes (or amphurs: districts) and king amphoes (subdistricts). These are in turn subdivided into tambons (communes), which are further subdivided into moobans (villages). Above the provinces, there are regions (as shown above). In the early part of the 20th century, there were groupings of provinces called monthons (administrative circles).

Territorial extent: 

  1. Chon Buri includes Ko Si Chang, Ko Khram, Ko Pai, and other islands.
  2. Krabi includes Ko Lanta (actually two islands, Ko Lanta Yai and Ko Lanta Noi, constituting one district); and Phi Phi Don, Phi Phi Le, and other islands.
  3. Phuket consists of one large island, Ko Phuket; and numerous smaller islands, such as Ko Yao Yai, Ko Yao Noi, Ko Sire, and Ko Kaeo Pitsadan.
  4. Phangnga includes Ko Phra Thong, Ko Kho Kao, and other islands.
  5. Ranong includes Ko Phayam, Ko Chang, and other islands.
  6. Satun includes Ko Tarutao; the Butong Group, containing Ladang, Rawi, Tanga, and Bitsi; Ko Khao Yai, Ko Bulon Lae, Ko Laoling, and other small islands.
  7. Songkhla includes Ko Yo, Ko Nu and Ko Maeo islands.
  8. Surat Thani includes the islands Ko Samui, Ko Phangan, Ko Tao, Ko Nangyuan, Ko Ang Thong, etc.
  9. Trang includes Ko Libong, Ko Muk, and other small islands.
  10. Trat includes Ko Chang, Ko Kut, Ko Mak, and adjacent islands.

The UN LOCODE page  for Thailand lists locations in the country, some of them with their latitudes and longitudes, some with their ISO 3166-2 codes for their subdivisions. This information can be put together to approximate the territorial extent of subdivisions.

Origins of names: 

  1. Bangkok: region of plum-olive trees, also known as Krung Thep: city of angels; Phra Nakhon: lord city
  2. Buri Ram: city of pleasantness
  3. Chai Nat: place of victory
  4. Phatthalung: town of the hollow hill
  5. Phuket: Malayan bukit: hill
  6. Sukhothai: dawn of happiness
  7. Surat Thani: city of the good people

Change history: 

  1. 1912-06: Isan province split into Roi Et and Ubon Ratchathani.
  2. 1915: Thailand had 83 provinces. There were some merges between then and 1950.
  3. ~1959: Kalasin province split from Maha Sarakham.
  4. 1972: Phra Nakhon and Thon Buri provinces merged to form Bangkok Metropolis (Krung Thep Mahanakhon).
  5. 1972-10-01: Yasothon province split from Ubon Ratchathani.
  6. 1977-08-28: Phayao province split from Chiang Rai.
  7. 1981: Name of Prathum Thani province changed to Pathum Thani.
  8. 1982-09: Mukdahan province split from Nakhon Phanom (FIPS code TH21 before the split).
  9. 1993: Amnat Charoen province split from Ubon Ratchathani (former FIPS TH71); Nong Bua Lam Phu split from Udon Thani (TH19); Sa Kaeo split from Prachin Buri (TH45).
  10. 2011-03-23: Bueng Kan province split from Nong Khai (former HASC code TH.NK).

Other names of subdivisions: 

Although names have to be transliterated from the Thai alphabet, they have become fairly standardized by now. Some names often appear as one word, especially Buriram and Sisaket. In older sources, Nakhon often appears as Nakhorn. The following list shows some typical variants, as well as some odd ones.

  1. Chachoengsao: Chaxerngsao, Pad Rew, Paed Riu, Petrieu, Shajeun Dhrao (variant)
  2. Chanthaburi: Chantaburi, Muang Chan (variant)
  3. Kamphaeng Phet: Gampheang Phet, Kambhengbhej (variant)
  4. Kanchanaburi: Kan Buri, Park Prag (variant)
  5. Bangkok Metropolis: Krung Thep, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon, Phra Nakhon-Thonburi (variant)
  6. Lamphun: Hariphunchai, Lampoon (variant)
  7. Nakhon Ratchasima: Khorat, Nagara Rajasima, Nakaun Rachasima (variant)
  8. Nakhon Si Thammarat: Nagara Sridharmaraj, Nakhon Sri Thammarat, Nakhornsrithamrat, Nakornsrithamaraj (variant)
  9. Phetchaburi: Bejraburi, Petchburi, Phet Buri, Tetchburit (variant)
  10. Phitsanulok: Bisnulok, Phisanulauk, Phitsnulok, Pitsanuloke (variant)
  11. Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya: Ayudhya, Ayutthaya, Phranakhornsri-ayuthaya (variant)
  12. Prachuap Khiri Khan: Korh Luxk, Prachuab Girikhand, Prachuapkirikhan, Prachut Khirikhan (variant)
  13. Samut Prakan: Pak Nam, Samudh Prakarn, Samudraprakar, Samut Phrakhan (variant)
  14. Samut Sakhon: Krokkrak Maha Chai, Mahachai, Samudrasagara (variant)
  15. Samut Songkhram: Mae Klong, Samudrasonggram (variant)
  16. Si Sa Ket: Khukhan, Khukhandh, Srisaket (variant)
  17. Sukhothai: Sawankhalokt, Sukhotai, Sukothai, Svargalok (variant)
  18. Trang: Tab Tiang (variant)

Population history:

Amnat Charoen     356,556283,732
Ang Thong150,304198,000217,000255,240279,032269,419254,292
Bangkok Metropolis827,290 2,132,0005,153,9025,546,9376,355,1448,305,218
Buri Ram339,496584,000797,0001,132,9801,441,5171,493,3591,274,921
Chai Nat171,918245,000256,000330,385356,297359,829305,587
Chiang Mai534,623798,0001,024,0001,166,1231,376,1201,500,1271,737,041
Chiang Rai476,118812,0001,086,000922,8501,039,3881,129,7011,172,928
Chon Buri210,329392,000542,000725,407910,5701,040,8651,555,358
Kalasin 427,000573,000755,274894,985921,366824,538
Kamphaeng Phet65,742173,000333,000559,223668,001674,027797,391
Khon Kaen590,664844,0001,025,0001,354,8551,681,4791,733,4341,741,980
Lop Buri203,313336,000433,000655,537747,154745,506769,925
Mae Hong Son66,28081,000104,000132,391172,825210,537209,153
Maha Sarakham698,087499,000613,000764,509900,906947,313827,639
Mukdahan    288,151310,718357,339
Nakhon Nayok117,547154,000161,000201,230228,981241,081246,868
Nakhon Pathom268,958370,000411,000561,346657,182815,122943,892
Nakhon Phanom307,172436,000561,000760,319634,966684,444583,726
Nakhon Ratchasima723,2371,095,0001,547,0001,916,6812,384,2522,556,2602,525,975
Nakhon Sawan373,006648,000758,000976,9711,088,2131,090,379992,749
Nakhon Si Thammarat494,261730,000927,0001,261,4081,427,0011,519,8111,450,466
Nong Bua Lam Phu     482,207485,974
Nong Khai144,201257,000442,000673,884879,215883,704821,526
Pathum Thani139,339190,000233,000324,468452,693677,6491,327,147
Phayao   461,620503,711502,780417,380
Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya362,761479,000501,000623,242685,394727,277870,671
Prachin Buri217,395335,000421,000631,276877,491406,732546,996
Prachuap Khiri Khan72,343152,000249,000377,212424,766449,467467,466
Roi Et535,662668,000780,0001,061,0851,228,8341,256,4581,084,985
Sa Kaeo     485,632555,961
Sakon Nakhon273,262427,000598,000776,510974,0081,040,766941,810
Samut Prakan164,227235,000325,000535,858854,8831,028,4011,828,694
Samut Sakhon111,479166,000158,000265,464358,155466,281887,191
Samut Songkhram124,894162,000159,000196,659206,506204,177185,564
Sing Buri116,227154,000162,000202,605230,913232,766199,982
Si Sa Ket451,576601,000790,0001,082,1211,336,1611,405,5001,055,980
Suphan Buri340,872491,000561,000709,364827,951855,949845,561
Surat Thani208,390325,000434,000593,095738,350869,4101,009,351
Thon Buri289,3522,136,000919,000    
Ubon Ratchathani849,4511,131,0001,480,0001,560,2721,932,0521,691,4411,746,790
Udon Thani382,564744,0001,118,0001,448,0661,825,3371,467,1581,288,365
Uthai Thani104,852146,000177,000259,464304,776304,122297,493
Yasothon   458,535527,134561,430487,976


Figures for Bangkok Metropolis represent only Phra Nakhon before 1980.


  1. [1] The 2010 Population and Housing Census: Whole Kingdom. National Statistical Office, 2012. Table 1: Population by sex, household by type of household, changwat and area.
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