Sint Maarten

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Country overview: 

Short nameSint Maarten
ISO codeSX
LanguageDutch (nl)
Time zone-4


Sint Maarten was part of the Netherlands Antilles, a colony of the Netherlands, until 2010-10-10. On that date it became an autonomous country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Origin of name: 

Discovered by Columbus on 1493-11-11, feast day of Saint Martin de Tours

Other names of country: 

  1. French: "Saint Martin m (partie f néerlandaise)"
  2. Russian: Синт-Маартен
  3. Spanish: San Martín m

Primary subdivisions: 

Sint Maarten has no known administrative divisions.

Sint MaartenSX.SM30,5943413Philipsburg

Territorial extent: 

The country consists of the southern part of an island called Sint Maarten by the Dutch and Saint Martin by the French.

Change history: 

2010-10-10: Sint Maarten was split from the former Netherlands Antilles. In its previous status, its HASC code was AN.SM.

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