Districts of Mauritius

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I found historical population data in source [7].

Mauritius went on daylight saving time in 2008-09, but only for that one season.

ISO 3166-2 Newsletter number I-4, was released on 2002-12-10. In "Administrative Subdivisions of Countries", I reported that ISO 3166-2 (at that time in draft form) showed Mauritius divided into five cities, nine districts, and three dependencies. In my opinion, the five cities were not really first-level subdivisions, but were parts of two of the districts. The standard listed Port Louis city and Port Louis district, both with the code MU-PL. I didn't point out the ambiguity of the code, because I wasn't treating Port Louis city as a subdivision. In this newsletter, ISO has apparently recognized the code conflict, and changed the code for Port Louis city to MU-PU.

Country overview: 

ISO codeMU
LanguageEnglish (en)
Time zone+4
CapitalPort Louis


Although Mauritius was a British colony from 1814 until it gained independence on 1968-03-12, its place names retain a strong flavor of older times when it was the French colony of Île de France.

Other names of country: 

  1. Danish: Mauritius
  2. Dutch: Mauritius, Republiek Mauritius (formal)
  3. English: Republic of Mauritius (formal)
  4. Finnish: Mauritius
  5. French: Maurice f
  6. German: Mauritius n
  7. Icelandic: Máritíus
  8. Italian: Maurizio
  9. Norwegian: Mauritius, Republikken Mauritius (formal)
  10. Portuguese: Maurício m, Maurícia, Maurícias fp, Ilha f Maurício (Portugal), República f do Maurício (formal)
  11. Russian: Республика Маврикий (formal)
  12. Spanish: Mauricio m
  13. Swedish: Mauritius
  14. Turkish: Mauritius Cumhuriyeti (formal)

Origin of name: 

named by early explorers after Maurice of Nassau (1567-1625)

Primary subdivisions: 

Mauritius is divided into nine districts, two dependencies, and one region.

Agalega IslandspMU.AGMP212747027Port Louis
Black RiverdMU.BLMP1276,604259100Tamarin
Cargados CarajospMU.CCMP22 10Port Louis
FlacqdMU.FLMP13135,406298115Centre de Flacq
Grand PortdMU.GPMP14110,907259100Mahebourg
Plaines WilhemsdMU.PWMP17362,29220579Beau Bassin-Rose Hill
Port LouisdMU.PLMP18118,4314417Port Louis
Rivière du RempartdMU.RRMP19106,26714857Poudre d'Or
RodriguesrMU.ROMP2340,43410440Port Louis
12 divisions1,237,0912,041787
  • Typ: d = district, p = dependency, r = region
  • HASC: Hierarchical administrative subdivision codes. If periods are replaced by
    hyphens, these are the same as the district codes from ISO standard 3166-2.
  • FIPS: Codes from FIPS PUB 10-4.
  • Population: 2011-07-03 census (source [8]).

Further subdivisions:

In addition to the divisions listed above, ISO 3166-2 lists the following five cities. The FIPS standard also listed them, calling them "urban councils", until 1991. They are all located within Plaines Wilhems district, except Port Louis, which is in Port Louis district.

Beau Bassin-Rose HillBRMP02
Port LouisPUMP07
Quatre BornesQBMP08

Territorial extent: 

  1. The districts (as opposed to the dependencies and region) are all mainly located on Mauritius Island.
  2. Agalega Islands is an island group north of Mauritius.
  3. Black River includes Île aux Bénitiers (Île Morne).
  4. Cargados Carajos consists of a set of islets north of Mauritius, called the Cargados Carajos Shoals (Saint Brandon Rocks).
  5. Flacq includes Île aux Cerfs.
  6. Rivière du Rempart includes Flat Island, Gabriel Island, Gunner's Quoin, Île d'Ambre, and Round Island.
  7. Rodrigues is an island east of Mauritius, with a few adjacent islets and shoals.

The UN LOCODE page  for Mauritius lists locations in the country, some of them with their latitudes and longitudes, some with their ISO 3166-2 codes for their subdivisions. This information can be put together to approximate the territorial extent of subdivisions.

Origins of names: 

Pamplemousses: French for grapefruit (plural)

Change history: 

The divisions of Mauritius according to the 1952 census were these:

Black River23,86613,430
Grand Port80,71952,709
Plaines Wilhems261,004149,399
Port Louis133,99684,539
Rivière du Rempart66,99540,323
Other dependencies3661,752
  • District: Rodrigues is a
    dependency. In the 1972 report,
    "Other dependencies" explicitly means
    Agalega Islands and Saint Brandon.
  • Pop-72: 1972-06-30 census
    (source [6]).
  • Pop-52: 1952-06-29 census
    (source [4]).
  1. 1965-11-08: Chagos Archipelago dependency split from Mauritius to form British Indian Ocean Territory.
  2. Source [3] (1971) shows Mauritius divided into three district councils, five urban councils, and three dependencies. The district councils (and their capitals) were Moka-Flacq (Quartier Militaire), North (Mapou), and South (Rose Belle). The urban councils were Beau Bassin-Rose Hill, Curepipe, Port Louis, Quatre Bornes, and Vacoas-Phoenix. The dependencies were Agalega Islands, Cargados Carajos Shoals, and Rodrigues Island. The urban councils are the same as the cities mentioned under "Further subdivisions". I believe that these governmental divisions are less representative than the geographical divisions in the main table.
  3. ~1976: Moka-Flacq district council (capital Quartier Militaire, FIPS code MP05) split into Flacq and Moka districts. North district council (capital Triolet, FIPS code MP06) split into Pamplemousses and Rivière du Rempart districts. South district council (capital Rose Belle, FIPS code MP10) split into Black River, Grand Port, Plaines Wilhems, and Savanne districts. The five urban councils were apparently absorbed into their respective districts.
  4. 2001-11-20: Status of Rodrigues Island changed from dependency to island region.

Other names of subdivisions: 

  1. Cargados Carajos: Saint-Brandon (variant)
  2. Rodrigues: Rodriguez (obsolete)

Population history:

Black River6,83110,09117,17111,99715,29215,69814,06314,94514,717
Grand Port16,75619,08237,20744,22652,98248,16949,56849,07950,373
Plaines Wilhems12,78413,89328,02035,14746,31557,59163,63467,86675,688
Port Louis45,21249,90974,52563,27466,65262,16952,74050,06050,307
Rivière du Rempart15,06116,03019,33120,24220,72624,15126,67931,05131,807
Rodrigues 4956931,1081,4312,0683,1624,8296,584


Black River14,26312,50213,43018,56826,17136,86143,76860,58776,604
Grand Port48,61946,53352,70969,02380,71993,18096,667106,665110,907
Plaines Wilhems95,258120,170149,614208,184258,699303,993321,713358,182362,292
Port Louis54,43565,96284,539119,950133,996133,702133,073127,855118,431
Rivière du Rempart30,79233,23840,32353,30966,99580,99386,77998,854106,267


Data from source [7], except for 2011 census (source [8]). A few of these data disagree with those shown under Change history. Source [7] excludes "Other dependencies," i.e., Agalega Islands. For 1952, source [4] has a footnote indicating that the total includes "215 European mililary personnel and 56 crew members and passengers on ships in harbour." Source [7] must have put those 215 people in Plaines Wilhems, and omitted the 56 completely. For 1972, source [7] has moved 2,305 people from Black River to Plaines Wilhems. All totals exclude Agalega Islands.


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