Arrondissements of Martinique

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I added the legal populations for 2010.

Country overview: 

ISO codeMQ
LanguageFrench (fr)
Time zone-4


Martinique was a French colony until 1946, when it became an overseas department, and thus in theory a peer of any of the European departments of France. In 1974, when French regions were established, it became a one-department region as well. Martinique has a NUTS code of FR92 (as a region, or FR920 as a department), a department code of 972, and postal codes of the form 972xx, all of which are extensions of the French system.

Other names of country: 

  1. English: Department of Martinique (formal)
  2. French: Martinique f
  3. Icelandic: Martiník
  4. Italian: Martinica
  5. Norwegian: Martinique
  6. Portuguese: Martinica
  7. Russian: Мартиника
  8. Spanish: Martinica f
  9. Turkish: Martinik

Origin of name: 

named by Columbus, probably from native name Madinina: island of lush vegetation

Primary subdivisions: 

Martinique is divided into four arrondissements.

Fort-de-FranceMQ.FF972 1166,885166,23817166
MarinMQ.MA972 3123,479106,771409158
Saint-PierreMQ.SP972 424,05623,43621081
TrinitéMQ.TR972 286,11584,880338130
4 arrondissements400,535381,3251,128436
  • HASC: Hierarchical administrative subdivision codes.
  • INSEE: Territory codes from French national statistics agency.
  • Pop-2010: 2010-01-01 legal population (source [1]).
  • Pop-1999: 1999-03 census (source [2]).
  • Capitals have the same name as their arrondissements.

Further subdivisions:

See the Communes of Martinique page.

The arrondissements are subdivided into communes.

Territorial extent: 

Martinique includes the island of Martinique and a few adjacent islets, such as Îlet Ramville, Îlet Long, and Îlet Cabri.

Origins of names: 

Fort-de-France: originally Fort Royal, name changed for patriotic reasons after the French Revolution

Change history: 

  1. 1946-03-19: Martinique became a département d'outre-mer (overseas department) of France. It had one arrondissement, Fort-de-France.
  2. 1965-09-15: Trinité arrondissement split from Fort-de-France.
  3. 1974-04-26: Marin arrondissement split from Fort-de-France.
  4. 1973-03-02: Martinique became an overseas region of France, also remaining an overseas department.
  5. 1995-05: Saint-Pierre arrondissement created (probably split from Fort-de-France).

Other names of subdivisions: 

  1. Marin: Le Marin (variant)
  2. Trinité: La Trinité (variant)


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