Christmas Island

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I updated the population to the latest Australian census.

Country overview: 

ISO codeCX
LanguageEnglish (en)
Time zone+7
CapitalFlying Fish Cove


Christmas Island was part of the Straits Settlements (the precursor of Malaysia). In 1900, the settlement of Singapore brought it into the colony of Singapore. On 1958-10-01, it was transferred to Australia as an external territory.

Other names of country: 

  1. Dutch: Christmaseilanden
  2. English: Territory of Christmas Island (formal)
  3. French: Īle f Christmas
  4. German: Weihnachtsinsel f
  5. Italian: Isola f Christmas
  6. Portuguese: Ilha Christmas, Ilha f do Natal m
  7. Russian: Остров Рождества
  8. Spanish: Isla Christmas, Isla f de Christmas
  9. Turkish: Christmas Adası

Origin of name: 

Discovered on Christmas Day

Primary subdivisions: 

Christmas Island has no known administrative divisions.

Christmas IslandCX.CX1,34913552Flying Fish Cove

Territorial extent: 

Christmas Island is an isolated island in the Indian Ocean. It should not be confused with Christmas Island in the Pacific Ocean, which is part of Kiribati, and is now more properly called Kiritimati (the Micronesian rendering of "Christmas"). Flying Fish Cove is not officially a capital, but is the only settlement shown on most maps of Christmas Island.

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