Districts of Belize

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The results of the 2000 census of Belize have been released.

Country overview: 

Short nameBELIZE
ISO codeBZ
LanguageEnglish (en)
Time zone-6


Belize started the 20th century as a British colony, under the name of British Honduras (although the region had long been known as Belize). It achieved full independence on 1981-09-21. Guatemala has asserted a claim to its territory through most of the century.

Other names of country: 

  1. Danish: Belize
  2. Dutch: Belize, Belize (formal)
  3. English: British Honduras (obsolete)
  4. Finnish: Belize
  5. French: Belize m, Honduras m britannique (obsolete)
  6. German: Belize n, Britisch-Honduras n (obsolete)
  7. Icelandic: Belís
  8. Italian: Belize m, Honduras m britannico (obsolete)
  9. Norwegian: Belize
  10. Portuguese: Belize, Honduras f Britânicas (obsolete)
  11. Russian: Белиз
  12. Spanish: Belice m, Honduras f Británica (obsolete)
  13. Swedish: Belize
  14. Turkish: Belize

Origin of name: 

Named for Peter Wallace, Scottish buccaneer, Hispanicized as Belice

Primary subdivisions: 

Belize is divided into six districts.

BelizeBZ.BZBZBH0168,1974,2041,623Belize City
Orange WalkBZ.OWOWBH0438,8904,7371,829Orange Walk
Stann CreekBZ.SCSCBH0524,5482,176840Dangriga
ToledoBZ.TOTOLBH0623,2974,6491,795Punta Gorda
6 districts240,20422,9648,866
  • HASC: Hierarchical administrative subdivision codes.
  • ISO: District codes from ISO 3166-2. For full identification in a
    global context, prefix "BZ-" to the code (ex: BZ-CZL represents Corozal).
  • FIPS: Codes from FIPS PUB 10-4, a U.S. government standard.
  • Population: 2000-05-12 census (source [2]).

Further subdivisions:

See the Subdivisions of Belize page.

Territorial extent: 

Includes barrier islands and reefs from Ambergris Cay at the north to Sapodilla Cays at the south, and as far east as Lighthouse Reef (Half Moon Cay).

Change history: 

  1. ~1955: Northern district split into Corozal and Orange Walk districts.
  2. ~1960: An area of 854 sq. km. was transferred from Toledo to Cayo.
  3. 1970-08-03: National capital moved to Belmopan from Belize City.
  4. 1973-06-01: Country name changed from British Honduras to Belize.
  5. ~1990: Capital of Cayo district moved from San Ignacio to Belmopan.

Population history:

Orange Walk5,6075,52010,30616,66622,87030,68138,890
Stann Creek4,8306,37310,90613,04414,18118,08524,548


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