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I added the population according to the 2010 census.

Country overview: 

Short nameARUBA
ISO codeAW
LanguageDutch (nl)
Time zone-4


Aruba was part of the Netherlands Antilles, a colony of the Netherlands, until 1986-01-01. On that date it became a separate autonomous colony. It will eventually attain independence as a separate country.

Other names of country: 

  1. Danish: Aruba
  2. Dutch: Aruba
  3. Finnish: Aruba
  4. French: Aruba
  5. German: Aruba
  6. Icelandic: Arúba
  7. Italian: Aruba
  8. Norwegian: Aruba
  9. Portuguese: Aruba
  10. Russian: Аруба
  11. Spanish: Aruba
  12. Swedish: Aruba
  13. Turkish: Aruba

Origin of name: 

Possibly Carib oruba: well placed

Primary subdivisions: 

Aruba has no known administrative divisions.


Further subdivisions:

The Central Bureau of Statistics divided Aruba into eight regions, which were subdivided into forty-nine zones, for the purpose of enumeration. The regions are Noord, Oranjestad West, Oranjestad Oost, Paradera, Santa Cruz, Savaneta, San Nicolaas Noord, and San Nicolaas Zuid. With slight variations, that list has been reported in several places (see source [2]). There is no evidence that they are administrative divisions.

ISO 3166-2 provides two codes for Aruba. Considered as a separate country, its code is AW. Considered as part of the Netherlands, its code is NL-AW.

Territorial extent: 

The country consists only of Aruba Island and islets immediately off its shore.

The UN LOCODE page  for Aruba lists locations in the country, some of them with their latitudes and longitudes, some with their ISO 3166-2 codes for their subdivisions. This information can be put together to approximate the territorial extent of subdivisions.

Population history:

Census datePopulation


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