Districts of Anguilla

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Anguilla is subdivided into fourteen districts. The Anguilla Statistics Unit has published some of the results of the 2001 census (source [1]). The tables include population data for the districts of Anguilla from the censuses of 1974 through 2001. Anguilla's population censuses were taken on 1960-04-07 (data not available), 1974-04-17, 1984-04-10, 1992-04-13, 2001-05-09, and 2011-05-11.

Unfortunately for our understanding of Anguilla's administrative geography, the 2001 census areas map (source [2]) accompanying the census report shows, not the districts, but ten geographic regions. The relationship between some of the districts and some of the regions can't be deduced from the information given on the site.

Country overview: 

Short nameANGUILLA
ISO codeAI
LanguageEnglish (en)
Time zone-4
CapitalThe Valley


At the beginning of the 20th century, Anguilla was part of the Leeward Islands, a British colony which consisted of five presidencies. On 1956-06-30, each presidency became a separate colony. Anguilla belonged to the colony of St. Kitts-Nevis-Anguilla. Anguilla seceded unilaterally on 1967-06-16 from this colony. It was fully recognized as a separate dependency by the mother country on 1980-12-19.

Other names of country: 

  1. Dutch: Anguila
  2. French: Anguilla f
  3. Italian: Anguilla
  4. Portuguese: Anguila
  5. Russian: Ангилья
  6. Spanish: Anguila
  7. Turkish: Anguilla

Origin of name: 

Named by Columbus < Spanish anguila = eel, from the shape of the island

Primary subdivisions: 

Anguilla is divided into fourteen districts.

District HASC Population
Blowing Point AI.BP 870
East End AI.EE 671
George Hill AI.GH 879
Island Harbour AI.IH 988
North Hill AI.NH 464
North Side AI.NS 1,980
Sandy Ground AI.SG 230
Sandy Hill AI.SH 636
South Hill AI.SO 1,722
Stoney Ground AI.ST 1,549
The Farrington AI.TF 624
The Quarter (including Rey Hill) AI.TQ 959
The Valley (including Upper & South Valley)AI.TV 1,067
West End (including Long Bay) AI.WE 813
14 districts 13,452


Source [1] notes that "[the population of] North Side [district] was probably included with The Valley and Stoney Ground with Sandy Hill in 1984."

These are the geographic regions and their 2001 populations, according to the 2001 census report (source [3]). The total for the regions differs by one person from the total for the districts. I have no way to account for this.

#1 West End736
#2 South Hill North1,354
#3 Blowing Point & South Hill East1,422
#4 Little Harbour, North Hill, Sandy Ground & West Old Ta1,090
#5 East Old Ta, Rey Hill, The Forest & Long Ground1,051
#6 Valley South, Quarter & Crocus Hill1,151
#7 Valley North & North Side830
#8 Stoney Ground1,497
#9 East End, The Farrington & Sandy Hill Bay1,103
#10 Island Harbour1,326
10 regions11,560

Postal codes: 

On 2007-10-09, Anguilla adopted AI-2640 as the postal code for the whole country. This may be part of a move towards a system of postal codes for the countries of the East Caribbean.

Territorial extent: 

Includes a few small islands and cays, among the larger: Dog Island, Prickly Pear Cays, Scrub Island, Seal Islands, Sombrero Island.

The UN LOCODE page  for Anguilla lists locations in the country, some of them with their latitudes and longitudes, some with their ISO 3166-2 codes for their subdivisions. This information can be put together to approximate the territorial extent of subdivisions.

Change history: 

According to Morris Fisher (source [4]), in 1985, Anguilla was divided into seven settlements. Their names were Blowing Point Village, Island Harbour, Long Bay Village, Mount Fortune, Sandy Ground Village, The Valley, and West End Village.

Population history:

Blowing Point501463802779 870
East End476420672614 671
George Hill304492635791 879
Island Harbour613672744855 988
North Hill313288410439 464
North Side  6671,195 1,980
Sandy Ground242224247274 230
Sandy Hill314376364557 636
South Hill7749611,1021,495 1,722
Stoney Ground713 9491,133 1,549
The Farrington 222304546 624
The Quarter (including Rey Hill)742424654978 959
The Valley (including Upper & South Valley)1,0481,7097951,169 1,067
West End (including Long Bay)479402611736 813


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